Your genome is unique and so are your needs.

No one-size-fits-all solutions. We recognize that differing genetic profiles indicate different lifestyle needs for attaining your individual health ideals.

We are here to help you establish a genetically personalized and actionable plan for your individual wellness journey to better health.


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dna weight loss

+ Laboratory analysis of your DNA sample – 48 genetic markers related to the top 16 weight loss traits
+ Exercise Success Strategies including: Body Composition Response Bias to Intensity/Duration & Cardio/Strength training
+ Diet Success Strategies including: Macronutrient (Protein/Carbs/Fats) Breakdown, Micronutrient (vitamin/minerals) Tendencies, and Caloric Needs
+ Access to Virtual Nutrition and Exercise tele-Consultation

Each Exclusively Tailored to Your Specific Genotype

dna performance

+ Laboratory analysis of your DNA sample – 89 genetic markers related to the top 15 athletic performance traits.
+ Training Success Strategies including: Mental/Physical Foundation, Training Responses, Macronutrient/Fuel Utilization, Rate of Oxygen Consumption, Power/Endurance, Recovery, Injury Risk, Inflammation, and Metabolism
+ Access to Virtual Nutrition and Training tele-Consultation

Each Exclusively Tailored to Your Specific Genotype

Dynamic Diet & Exercise Plans

Accessible on Any Device

Three Simple Steps

Following the purchase of your kit you complete these steps to start making progress on your wellness journey
Collect Sample

Collect and mail your DNA Sample with the easy-to-use cheek swab kit

Analyze DNA

Our lab will analyze your sample and identify your genotype.

Get Your Results

Recieve your comprehensive report and begin your wellness journey

152 Clinically Validated Studies

Our reports refererence an ever-growing number of peer-reviewed and clinically validated studies, providing our customers with the most actionable data derived from the latest of scientific developments.
National Library of Medicine
Journal of Clinical Investigation

Precision Insights That Matter

Our Science

We provide all genetic testing, interpretation, and precision reporting with one in-home swab.

Our Genetic Research Leverages 152 Clinically Validated Peer Reviewed Scientific Studies from the community of internationally recognized experts on genetics linking common DNA snips from individuals genotypes to weight loss, athletic performance, macronutrient tendencies and aging.

Genetic Testing is Just the Beginning

Your genetic reports will explain your genotype and provide you with the success strategies you need to reach your goals by simply laying out what diets, exercises, and lifestyle behaviors you need to change to realize your potential with the least amount of resistance. But don't go at it alone! Join the community!

You can best take advantage of this opportunity to better yourself by consulting with our professionals who specialize in consulting people just like you on how to best integrate these success strategies into your life.

Privacy and Security

DNA is personal and we want to keep it that way. We believe in the value of personal privacy and therefore never sell or share genetic data. It is our goal to lead the industry in an initiative to safeguard individuals' rights to privacy and uphold ourselves to higher industry standards.

Our Laboratory Holds CLIA-Certification and CAP-Accreditation. Your data is securely password protected within our online platform, and only accessible given your password and permission.

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