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Who We Are 

Our management team possesses over fifty years of experience in employee benefits, wellness and healthcare programming. InsightGx is committed to providing best-in-class precision healthcare solutions through a portfolio of genetic tests. Our test offers insights to improve health and wellness for each individual at an affordable cost.


What We Do 

We are driven to ensure access for all to harness the power of their genetics. Our guiding vision is the prospect of helping individuals live better, healthier and more productive lives. Helping our clients save money along the way is simply a consequence of our business model and our commitment to a higher purpose.



Personalization is the future of wellness and we are pioneering precision health that matters by joining renowned experts in the fields of nutrigenomics, InsightGx is bringing a truly innovative and first-to-market solution to address the most pressing and costly health and wellness concerns facing individuals and organizations today.

Let the InsightGx team show you how a genetic-based, precision health program can make a difference for your organization. Visit InsightGx.com to learn more, or for a no-obligation consultation, contact: support@insightgx.com