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dna weight loss

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dna weight loss

$149.99 $299.99 saving $150.00
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This Is Your First REAL Step Towards Weight Loss...

Through 152  peer-reviewed and clinically validated studies, 

This is THE scientifically proven weight management program that identifies your unique genetic makeup and then provides diet and exercise strategies that are tailored to the specifics of your genotype.

No more guesswork, one-size-fits-all, or a fad diets of any kind – these are the ONLY diet and exercise recommendations you will ever need again, because it is based on YOUR actual, one-of-a-kind DNA.

No More Guesswork & No More Weight Gain. 

  • CLIA Certified Laboratory Analysis of Your DNA Sample. Over 21,000 specimens whole genome genotyped monthly & 30,000+ DNA isolations in last 12 months.
  • Gain insights on your on how your habits & behaviors affect you, based on your genetic predispositions with Comprehensive Dynamic Online & Printable PDF Reports
  • Need Structure in Your Diet? Provides a genetically matched diet with recipes for meal planning.
  • Short on Time, Motivation, Energy? Includes precision exercise strategies, eliminating time and effort wasted on exercise programs not suited to your individual genetic makeup.
  • Plan, Build, & Track Your Day With Online Dynamic Digital Diet & Exercise Plans. 
  • Access to Online Consultation with a DNA Report Specialist. (Highly Recommended) 
  • Updates automatically at no additional cost when new advances & discoveries are made and when new features are added. 

    PDF Report

    Comprehensive Dynamic Online & Printable PDF Reports
    • Analysis of 48 Genetic Markers
    • The 16 Most Influential Genetic Traits
        • Metabolism
        • Weight Loss Tendency
        • Weight Regain
        • And More...
    • Analysis of specific genetic biomarkers associated with nutrient processing:
        • Carbs
        • Proteins
        • Fats
        • Micronutrients (Essential Vitamins & Minerals)
    • Food Sensitivity Analysis
    • ^Download Sample PDF Report To See More^

    Online Report

    Online Dynamic Digital Diet & Exercise Plans. 

    Access to Online Consultation with a DNA Report Specialist.

    • Speak with a professional to work out how to best implement into your life most efficiently reach your goals.
    • Receive further personalized recommendations & insights into your life and how to change it for the better.
    • Follow up calls keep you motivated and on track with your goals


    What We Provide You With Is The Highest Accuracy, Most Actionable, & Easiest To Use Results Driven Reports at the Lowest Cost...

      Never Hesitate to Make Positive Changes In Your Life

      Contact Us @ support@insightgx.com with any questions or concerns that you have before and after purchase. We are happy to help you on your way to better health!
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